Skowhegan Awards Dinner 

4 World Trade Center
New York City

April 28, 2015

Meredith James' installation is an anamorphic floor sculpture framed by curtains. When viewed through a camera (or phone), the floor appears to be a vertical grid with red and white squares of consistent size. This distortion disrupts the normal conception of distance, so that people standing on the floor appear to be radically different sizes on a flattened plane. In this piece, both the viewer and the people on the floor become part of the installation, and the sculpture functions as a stage.

The floor, with its checkerboard pattern and disruption of space, has a relationship to the New York City grid. To arrive at the Awards Dinner, guests maneuver through traffic and towering buildings, but when they exit the elevator, their experience and perspective of space is inverted and they see the city in miniature This installation, as with other of James' works, points to the instability and strangeness in the shifts in scale that we experience daily.