Eoin Burke
Ian Campbell
Boris Chesakov
Lourdes Correacarlo
Meredith James
Sarah Lassise
Laura Marsh
Jo Nigoghossian
Ryan Wolfe
Jacques Louis Vidal

Marc Jancou Contemporary
Great Jones Alley
New York, NY 10012

Curated by Jacques Louis Vidal

August 7 - September 3, 2009

This selection of artists, all of whom are recent graduates from the Yale School of Art Sculpture MFA program, was originally curated two years ago, by another group of thirteen artists, ten of them students and three faculty members: Joe Scanlan, Daphne Fitzpatrick, and the head of the department, Jessica Stock- holder. The experience of this department and its particular conversation has refined this show over time by creating the possibility for it, and by creating the problems inherent to it. 

“The effort to define the word ‘sculpture’ leads to the scrutiny of the edge, the field, the pedestal, the frame- to the various devices that serve to establish a privileged space / place / or moment in time in which we can imagine, postulate, recast, notice, and remember in order to, enjoy, entertain, manage, structure, and make sense of our lives. Tending to how any single work negotiates its relationship to this line between itself and life is part of its content.”

- Jessica Stockholder, excerpt from Swiss Cheese Field-A Sculpture Mingled, a forthcoming essay in the Yale University Art Gallery Bulletin, 2009

Meredith James’ work swallows space, for it often takes the room itself as a subject; not as installation site, but as space itself to be a subject, easily manipulated, and suited for re-understanding. Her video takes the assumption of a place being there, static, like a living room ready for use, and proves that to be false. Instead these places are almost always moving, and when she wants to leave, the room becomes and emotional mirror that she literally takes with her. (excerpted)

- Jacques Vidal, Curator of the Exhibition